Thomas Talbot Lodge History

Welcome to the Thomas Talbot Lodge history page. This landing page is currently a work in progress. Below are the first planned exhibits along with our digital archive. Check back in soon to see what we’ve added!

Freemasonry in Billerica

Learn about the centuries old history of Freemasonry in the town of Billerica

Life of Thomas Talbot

Founder of Billerica’s Talbot Mills, 31st Governor of Massachusetts, charter member of Kilwinning Lodge, and our lodge’s namesake. Explore the life of Brother Thomas Talbot

Thomas Talbot’s Past Masters

Learn more about the men who traveled to the east in Thomas Talbot Lodge

Thomas Talbot Digital Archives

Explore Thomas Talbot Lodge’s digital archive to find documents, photographs, and artifacts from the lodge’s over 100 year history. The archive has been created in collaboration with Salem State University and is a work in progress with items constantly being digitized and included. Continue to check back for more.

“Indomitable will, untiring energy, pluck, perseverance, and patience overcame all obstacles, and through the darkness of the night the anxious watchers saw appearing slowly but surely, the dawning light in the Masonic east of Billerica.”

– Worshipful Charles H. Kohlrausch

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