What is Freemasonry ?

Freemasonry, a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols.

  • Fraternity (Brotherhood)
  • Make good men better
  • Charity
  • History
  • Symbolism
  • Ritual
  • Personal and professional growth and development
  • Family oriented

What Freemasonry Isn’t

  • We believe in God regardless of how he is worshiped but we are NOT a religion.
    • All religions are welcome as long as the member believes in a single supreme being.
  • We are not a political organization.
    • Religion and politics are never discussed at Masonic gatherings as  they can potentially be controversial and compromise our fraternal bond.

What to Masons Do ?

  • Regular Meetings 
  • Social Events (game night, breakfasts, holiday parties, pig roast, etc)
  • Charity Events (Red Cross Blood Drive, MyChip, Widows Events, etc.)
  • Lodge Operations Meetings (Service Committee, Building, Finance,  Membership, Public Relations, etc)
  • Education Meetings


Why do people enjoy being Masons ?

  • Personal and professional growth
  • Leadership skills
  • Fraternity & sense of belonging
  • Expanded social network
  • Give back to society
  • Learn to be a better man
  • Family values
  • Masonic Journey
  • Enlightenment
  • History and Symbology – Freemasonry has more history than most other fraternal organizations.

What Makes a Good Mason ?

  • Good person – Good Values
  • Want to do charitable work to make the world a better place
  • Pride in the fraternity
  • Volunteers and is involved
  • Works to make the Lodge, the district and the entire organization better
  • Seeks a journey of growth and enlightenment

What Makes a Great Lodge ?

  • Strong Leadership
  • Active, involved members
  • Dynamic, growing, changing
  • Good attendance at meetings and turn-out at events
  • Creativity
  • Every lodge has its own individual personality, strengths and opportunities


How will Masonry Affect My Family and Religion ?

  • Your family and your personal spiritual beliefs should always be first and foremost consideration for you.
    • Though it is a fraternal organization, we have numerous family events.
    • We want your family to be actively involved.
  • You are never mandated to do anything you don’t willingly want to do.
    • All expectations are dictated based on your own assessment of what is reasonable in consideration of your personal situation at the time.

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